We’re happy to provide our average fee structure. Please understand that each taxpayer’s tax situation is as unique as they are. Because of this fact, we can only list average pricing here. Individual quotes are available upon request.

If you would like a personal quote, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our minimum tax preparation for individual returns is $500

STANDARD starting at $500 

Our Standard Rate includes your Federal Tax Return and NC State Tax Return and can include the following:

  • Income: W-2’s & 1099’s (retirement), Social Security, Interest & Dividends, Unemployment Compensation, Schedule D (minimal Capital Gains)
  • Deductions: Schedule A Itemized Deductions, Educator Deduction, IRA deduction, Student Loan Deduction.
  • Credits: Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Education Credit, Energy Credits
  • Other Misc: Market Place Health Insurance Reconciliation, Economic Stimulus Payment Reconciliation, Estimated Tax Payments. 

MODERATE starting at $650

Our Moderate Rate includes all items as the Standard rate and can include the following:

  • Schedule C Profit & Loss from Business, Schedule E Rental Property, K-1 from S-Corporation, Partnership, Estate or Trust,

PREMIUM Starting at $800

Our Premium Rate includes all items as the Standard & Moderate and can include the following:

  • Multiple Schedule C’s, Multiple Rental Properties, Multiple Investment 1099-B, K-1’s from investments, sale of capital assets, foreign income, virtual currency.



As an added benefit, we are here year-round to answer simple tax questions and assist you with any correspondence you may receive from federal or state agencies.